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Autumn 2015

The one make a price agreement, the other make a data monitoring.
That blockades global business to become greener and faster in one stroke by that excellently technology last 25 years.

What a fuck is going on here?

The alternative electronic invoice is born
- by business for business. She is inviting industries to create how she will work.
Without any backdoors, without any lobby.

How it works?
For large organisations: Integrate our costfree basic availability now, build up your requirements without consultants and send your clients just a password.
For smaller on: Request your larger suppliers - Tell them you want eInvoicing whithout third party contracts, whithout transaction costs and, thanks to the carindustrie, whithout any interface in your accounting.

Everything what will be growing here owns nobody. Only so it will be shure that we can't aquired by others with backdoors.

The alternative eInvoice is financed by a tiny once-for-all cost (know-how transfer). So expenses for useful preliminary work from industries will be refundable generously by our community. Surpluses going back via environmental protection donations to the community.

------ News Summer 2014

After 5 years of examinitation available

The next generation of eInvoicing - not controlled by the lobby and without back door

not profitmaximized
from business for business

as service design for a little larger companies (Presentation)
Small business please ask your larger suppliers. Tell them you want your eInvoice without any third party contract.

At last, our work was a reset of the eInvoice in a position like the eMail at the beginning 30 years before. Now eInvoicing becomes a second chance for a start without any economically interests by the lobby.

If enterprises want, here will be growing the economy own eInvoicing Network as an ecosystem with first real interoperability and many other nice features. That`s the way may be the economy declares realtime as common.

What's the problem:
The economy has a problem which our initiative have documented with facts and developed alternative posibilities.
The reason for the problem is the secrecy in terms of innovation.
In our study area, the economy had thereby become vulnerable.
Our initiative would not exist today, if companies would had exchanged experiences by integration of eInvoice.

------ Content still Summer 2014

We were a German procurement initiative from 90 global players. We have collected our requirements and tendered for integrating e-invoicing to 300 providers worldwide. Since autumn 2012, this database is online, where providers can add their services. Thus we have discovered the global market failure.

The purchasing initiative is finished, unfortunately without success. But have the 90 global players for their units after all, a recommendation for action. I have been allowed to publish the results so that other companies will have the opportunity to learn about the situation.

In the science based analysis you will learn what has led to, what global affects against and why.

1.) In the global recommendation for action, you will learn to minimize the damage for your company.

2.) To eliminate the market-failure, would be the best by far.
In absence of an international criminal law it could works only jointly, like a smart mob. With enough money (round about 750 paying members), we can eliminate the market failure completely. We will supply the companies with not profitmaximized predatory prices. This will trigger a price war, which will revived the market. Older members are prefered.

We did set up here for that a costfree forum where you can exchange about the cost traps and become informed about the news automatically by registration. There is also the opportunity to support the market-revival initiative financially.
Save trees!

Also we create something for posting in social networks.

Please excuse my faulty English. At the beginning we unfortunately have to live with it.

I would be really very happy to continue the moderation of the initiative in the service of the public.

Provider can still present their services free of charge in the provider area.

Please support our market-revival smart mob "From business for business" with 20.-€ monthly anonymous or by presenting your organization our members.

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